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WW2 in miniature – how we made our Air Raid Warden model

April 3rd, 2012 · No Comments · Building our workshops, Fun Stuff

If you have had a Blitz School workshop from us since the February half term, you will have seen our new Air Raid Warden model and had the chance to investigate it using magnifying glasses and some crafty questions that we designed.

Unfortunately, we can’t show really detailed pictures here because that would spoil the fun for the schools who haven’t seen it yet, but we can give you a few peeks of it and use it to give you some tips on how to make your own models.

In particular, the pupils at Wirksworth Primary school in Derbyshire (where we held a three day workshop) were very interested in how it was made, so for those inquisitive minds and anyone else who is interested here is a quick guide to how it was done.

First of all we had to gather all the parts. As there are no Air Raid warden figures available anywhere in the world, we had to make our own, from some Tamiya 1:35 infantry figures like these pictured here.

As you can see, the uniforms are very similar to those used by ARP wardens, and with a little chiselling away at the plastic they eventually ended up looking like wardens, painted in a blue uniform that you can see here. As you can see, he is carrying a sign to put in front of the Air Raid Warden post that he is helping to build, which would have told all of the members of the public where to go for help.

After the figures were built, the difficult part was finding a suitable base to put them all on.

If you have ever made a model in your life, you will know that it looks much better when put on a realistic base so that it looks like you are viewing a real scene from history. In this case, we needed a British street scene with enough room to put all the figures and the vehicle on, including the actual Warden’s post itself.

After some searching, we found this street model which looked perfect for the purpose, although we decided that the lamp would have to go as it was different to the British lamps from the time. As you can see this wasn’t the only change we made!

The next thing we had to do was to put in the warden’s post made of sandbags. Luckily these can also be bought from any model shop and are quite cheap too!

After this it was time to put on the undercoat ready for the final painting. This is always an important step in making any model because it makes all the parts look the same and makes it easy to spot mistakes, so we sprayed the whole model black.

When this was done it was just a case of doing the final painting and putting all the scene together with all the little details needed to tell the story, such as these shown here. We also wrote a sheet of questions to go with the model which means that it not only looks good, but adds to your learning too!

So there you go, that is our Air Raid Warden model and we hope you liked seeing how it was made. If you have any comments or questions please ask them below and we will pleased to answer them for you. Happy learning (and model-making of course) and Ta ta for now!

Best wishes, Mr B

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